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 Assigments for May Weeks 
(Manual) To be DELIVERED ORALLY ON 30th May &1st June/ present a written report INTENDED AS AN EVALUATION INSTANCE

Carabajal Cecilia
Carabajal Noelia
Maciel Laura
Peukert Lucila
Ponce Ocampo Lourdes
Saavedra Marcela

 pp. 161-172 
  • Developing listening activities
  • Prelistening activities
  • A framework for planing a listening lesson
  • Teaching listening problems and possibilities
Albornoz Eduardo
Barrionuevo Vanesa
Bulla Celeste
Romero Rocío
Soria Samanta
Sosa Enzo
Tissera Ayelen

  •  pp. 178-184
  • Collaborative Learning/ Group Work and Study Teams
  • Designing Group Works
  • Organizing Learning Groups
  • Evaluating Group Works
  • Dealing with reality in Groups
  • Setting up Studu teams
Gordillo Teresa
Guzmán Gisel
Roldan Julieta
Soria Laura
Tevez Marina

pp 150-162
  •  Organization of Children Concepts and Categories of understanding when using ....
  • pp.109-136 Extensive reading activities for teaching Language
Bambicha Carolina
Carrizo Cintia
Díaz Darío
Domínguez Marian
Pacheco Andrea
Pacheco Pablo
Pacheco Soledad
Rodriguez Elías

 How to work with wiki pages
 the work is uploaded in this blog

    how to insert images and videos
      Wiki as a Teaching Tool(Parker & Chao)
      Agüero Silvana
      Centeno Analia
      Lajmadi  Emir
      Palavecino Walter
      Soria Isabel
      Villanueva Laura
      Vizzoni Ximena
      • Criteria for identifyingTBL tasks
      • Exercises on ... of study
      • Building a Family Tree
      • Talking about yourself
      • Choosing a holiday
      • Six types of tasks for TBL

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